Wednesday, November 18, 2009


erm. some/most of you DO know that this blog is officially dead right?

ok ok fine.

I PROUDLY DECLARE : this is a dead blog.


now visit

cuz my dear hueyin made me change its her fault ((:

Monday, September 01, 2008

i'm back!!
uh. with another bday shoutout. lol.

Happy bday Lee Jun King (30/8)

it wuz carefully planned.
nothing wuz supposed to go wrong.
but 30 mins before the surprise..he suspected something fishy.
haha. you couldnt juz play along..could u?

eesh. the pic so small.
*alex!!i want those from ur camera!!*
anywayz from left to right clockwise:
try spotting the 2 hidden ppl behind : raymas-zixian

i'm sorry for not uploading the pics.
i don't even have the complete set at the moment.
but to all who came..thank youuu!!

and king,
thanks for the great secondary years!! i miss 5L tons.
using you as the monitor to get out of class. *ahem*
thanks for those times when i just needed a listening ear. happy u get to be the same age as me for awhile..
haha. starting uni again soon huh?
well study hard and have a great year ahead..
still waiting for ur teapot post btw (:

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

my apologies for wishing so late,
and for such a short bday post..
but that doesnt mean u guys are any less important (:
plus, daniel's been saying my blog became a
its so not true right =/
you guys judge for urselves laaa..
then again i haven't really been typing about anything else besides..
bdays and bdays and bdays..
haha. i'll stop that..
but here goes..

Liaw Hock Jeen (30/7)

i developed this same pic for u before u left..
juz so u know..
its supposed to be this clear lor..the guy con me ):
sigh. u've been there for almost 2 months.
and i can still remember when u first told me u were going..
so sudden, and i couldnt see u more.
well, we've been pretty old frens?
and u can pass off as my nephew anytime..hee.
i cant possibly type all that i want to type here..
to summarise it all..
i know there are times when we disagree abt things..
and times when we juz simply wun give in..
but even after all these rough patches..
our friendship stays strong..
i guess that's what's important, right?
thanks for bearing with my keras-kepalaness..
and for juz being such a terrific friend all these years..
take care jeen (:

Daniel Yap Joon Hun (4/8)
hey u said we took pics but i really cannot find any!!
send me laa..if u got a nice one!!
haha. you're like one of my super sampat frens laa!!
in fact, i think my sampatness all came from u..
good teacher! *pats ur head*
hehe. i'm glad u're getting on well there..
still the same you and nvr changed at a good thing (?)
i met u when i wuz in DOTS, the mighty army then..
and we had this outing to Mine's Wonderland..
the shooting shooting thingy..remember onot?
haha. i bet u don't. tsk tsk.
anywayz..hope u'll have a great year ahead!!
and continue trusting God in all u do..
and hope to see u..when..u come back for hols? (:

Sandy Shih Hsiu-ya (6/8)

YAYA! miss u miss u!
hehe. i knew u thru my dear andrea right?
i know we only shared Chem class..
but its amazing how much we hung out..
u're always so innocent and blur..
haha. i'm sure u're protesting right now..
but that's what makes u so cute k!! (:
see the pic the end we also never got those shirts right?
wahaha. typical us. at least got jinian, yep?
then we had chocolate fountain at ur place..
mooncake festival at ur place..
and not forgetting chilling at Park Hill..
its been more than a year i've not seen u..
but i always remember u k!!
take care ar..muax~

Lee Liang Wen (12/8)

haha. this pic wuz taken wen u were on the fon..
guess i wuz kinda desperate and cudnt wait for u to put down huh?
hehe. i think i've known u since children's church..
back when we were young and innocent..
but i guess i wuz shy..*aww*
then i got to know u better in standard 6..
after that we were in the same taman sea cg..
well what can i say..
u can be super funny at times lorrrr..
haha. i miss our secondary school and cg days..
but i'm glad God had you placed in my life..
that i got to meet u in taman sea and so on..
now u're a year older than me..

p/s : yoongxiong : something nice abt you : u've been an awesome understanding listener!
: i kept my promise (:

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

dearest Jing..
how can i NOT put up a post about you getting a year older?

Happy birthday Yong Jing Ting (24/7)

you know, its scary how often we take poser pics..
though i'm sure andrea and i took many many more *ahem*
but..i'm glad we did..
just looking at all these pics..
i can remember when and where exactly we took them..

and this is proof that we also socialised,
besides taking pics of ourselves - nonstop (:

Jing :
knowing you wuz probably one of the best things that happened to me..
during the whole period..
had so much fun dressing up..
getting on random buses..
bumming in the canteen..
hogging the dressing rooms in Alders/Primark/Whitgift..
window shopping..
the stay overs..
or just sitting next to you in Law and Maths..
it wuz certainly great seeing you TWICE recently..
i missed you loads, really.
and i look forward to..Sept? =p
thanks for everything darling..
i know that we'll never have those times again,
but do keep in touch k?
i'll always want to hear from you.
love you.
and those sweet, sweet memories.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Guess whose birthday is it this time???!!
*drums roll*

Trisha Teh Su Shan! (22/7)

we went to Charms.
only because they had pretty lanterns (:
sat on the swing eating soya tong yuen and bread.
took our sweet time even though we knew the table next to us were waiting for our swing.
HEHE. too bad. we sat on it first.

all the silly things we do.
remember muffin day? =)
haha. 3 big trays full of muffins.

Dear Sushan :

If i could turn back time..
I wish i had been more kepo and made more friends in 6I!!
then i would have known u earlier..
hehe. the past 2 years having u in my life was simply awesome!!
u're alwiz so sweet and so positive about everything..
u hardly have any worries at all!!
i should really learn from u and stop thinking so much.
u've got this pure and innocent heart..
that only wants the best for others..
its no wonder why everybody loves sushan!
remember the very first time i met u, we carpooled to cell..
ever since that u've been encouraging me to attend every week..
dear, thank you for all u've done to help me through this..
appreciate all ur lil sweet goodies and notes..
its the thought that counts..YOUR thought! (:
yay can see u very tmr!
Happy ya!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

when things happen,
i'll be mentally taking note to blog it down.
but i never do.

went to digital mall today, cuz my Battlefield game wuznt working.
we were so happily walking around,
and even bummed in Mcd for more than an hour stealing the wifi.
then went back to digital mall for the second time.
finally when i got back to the car,
kor wuz holding up this piece of paper stuck to my windscreen,

yes, i kena saman.
for not putting parking ticket,
or rather displaying an expired parking ticket on my dashboard.
ok ok so its not a very big deal, since its only saman 30bucks.
*which i will be able to rayu*
but its my first ever saman laaa!
not bad right. after almost 2 years onli get my first saman.
and not that i'm proud of it but..
ppl say...

1. after u have ur first accident, ur driving very pro after that
2. after u get ur first saman, u drive lagi pro after that

yadayada. ok maybe i'm making that up.
anywayz..presenting my very first saman!!

i hope to be posting up some pics from the trip soon?
and zi, i'm not emo!

Monday, June 30, 2008

the June babies!

Lydia Leow Yi-Lu and Lyvia Leow Yi-Li ( 8/6)

Dia :
time passes so quickly.
very soon u'll be going back..
then duno when can see u edi.
have always treasured all the years we were in sec. school..
u and via were like my tai ka jer..
haha. seriously.
u were a great cell leader after multiplication..
nvr failing to call and encouraging us to come..
continue to let God use u as He is doing now..
u've made an impact in my life..
and i believe many many others as well!

Via :
we'll always always remember peacehaven's toilet yea?
haha. the place where friendships begin.
before i forget, tnx for those earings. love em'!
few more weeks, then can see u again!!
happy happy. wheee..
thanks for always listening..
even though you're so far away..
i always feel better after talking to you..
and glad i'm alone in my maturity level.
*ahem*. hah.
waiting for u..then we'll go fulfil ur food list k?
study hard for now. awhile more onli.
love u!

Raymas Quah Siu Syn (9/6)

Kor :'s life?? haha.
you know..when i was looking for pics in my comp..
i realised that..our pics are all so duh.
(look above) either too dark..or ur KFC container covering ppl's faces.
eesh. cannot blame u oso la. typical. no fingers. hehe.
remembering those days in form 1 and form 2..
you had this habbit of stepping on ppl's shoes. tsk tsk.
at least u got over that..
but the squirting of water..(using martin)..and shooting stil there!!
haha. u're one of my really trustworthy friends..
last year..during my anti-social-period..
i appreciate everything u did. i mean it..
enjoyed those last-min-plans..
the most recent one..
imagine wanting to watch a movie which starts in half an hour..
30 mins to mandi, get out of the house, to the mall, and buy tickets..
but it wuz fun.
to summarise it all,
you get the BKA! Best-Kor-Award!
i know i know, i shud stop here, right now.
onot Nemo will come back again.
thanks for being there for me.

Isaac Liu (30/6)

no pic ler ): sorry sorry.
well if u can send me one i'll put it up?? hehe.
another person i really thank God for..
so great knowing u!!
ngo ge gong dong wa yi ka hou duo lo!!
thanks for keeping in contact..
and those encouraging Bible quotes..
keep up ur friendliness!!
and yes,
hope to see u soon??
come to Malaysia!! XD